Biomass Shredder

Wood Chipper

A Wood chipper can handle larger branches, logs and pieces of wood and break them down into smaller chips. Depending on the size and shape of wood chipper is selected from Drum type chipper, Disc type chipper.

Cotton/Soya/Corn/Straw Shredder

Biomass Shredder is a combination of two machines i.e. Crusher and Shredder, where the crusher crushes the raw material collected from various sources such as Agricultural fields, Forest place.
It does job for bring biomass to required size and increases density of biomass for ease in movement and transportation for further process.

Cotton Stalk Puller

The Cotton Stalk Puller/Chopper is a patented, uniquely integrated system used for extracting and chopping up cotton stalks and their roots. This new system provides you with a significant advantage over conventional mowing and discing. Cotton stalk pulled out can be effectively converted to Biomass which can used as fuel other industrial or commercial applications.